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BC’s Lip Scar: Now Canonical

Can we take a moment to appreciate that BC’s lip scar is now canonically Sherlock’s as well? And that it was bestowed by John?

I want angsty scar touching to become a trope in fic, please. Sherlock can poke it with his tongue while pondering and rueing the many ways he has mistreated John and earned his wrath. John can see it (or tongue it, if you will) as an indictment of his violent impulses. Etc., etc., sob, sob, sob, rinse and repeat.

(Don’t bother pointing out all the times the scar was not successfully concealed by make up prior to this scene. I can’t hear you over the roar of my head canon.)

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Featured Cosplayer
vdaysnowstorm as Elsa from Frozen

We talked with American cosplayer about her costumes and the hobby, read the interview below!

CosplayTutorialWhat was your favourite part about this costume? 

vdaysnowstorm: The corset and wig, without a doubt! 
It was really a lot more fun than it would seem to layer all the various pieces of cut glitter ribbon to make the mosaic pattern on the corset. At first the colors were way too contrasting, ranging from dark blue to silver. So at the end of the layering process I added extra glitter and some acrylic paint to uniform the colors a bit more. At the end, strings of beads were added to the bottom to give an icicle appearance. I think my cat enjoyed the making of that part of the corset more than I did though. 
This was my first time styling a wig in such a way and so I wasn’t even sure how it would be able to stay up. Gravity defying hair is a big thing in cosplay. For this wig, hairspray and time worked perfectly. There are a lot of tutorials out there to help give you ideas. It was great to experiment with something new.

CosplayTutorialI really love the cape’s clear stained glass appearance, how did you accomplish this?

vdaysnowstorm: For the main fabric of the cape I was lucky to find a fabric that already had a fragmented appearance. This took care of some of the design. The large clear stained glass snowflake was cut out of another sheer fabric and simply layered on top, with trim added to the sides to make it more pronounced. The bottom section was added last and gathered, out of yet another fabric, to help the cape flow out more. The gathering helped turning a rectangular cape into a more teardrop shape. And of course… snowflakes!!!~

CosplayTutorialElsa looks to be a popular choice for this year! Do you have any advice for other Elsa cosplayers? 

vdaysnowstorm: Because the outfit is so intricate (and because we all don’t have ice magic unfortunately) have fun with the design! It doesn’t have to be perfect because that’s not really what the outfit is about. It’s about letting go~ So add your own twists to the design and have fun with it!

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Mandarin Duck - the first time I saw this duck it was magical.

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My favourite protagonists + words.
Inspired by this.

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Title: C3
Circle: Anthology
Rating: R18
Pairing: Misaru
Warnings: I was kinda iffy on if I should warn for this, but better safe than sorry: there’s one story in here that I can see being considered a bit rape-y involving Saru pretty much jumping a sleeping Yata. For anyone who might find that uncomfortable and wants to skip over it, it’s pages 54-60.

So I somehow made 500 followers and thought I’d upload something special in honor. I give you 80+ pages of glorious Misaru smut. Enjoy :D

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